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...will be a tangible expression of Social Justice, Democracy and Sustainability, with the Common Good at its heart.

A world where justice and equality of opportunities are key values in human relations and where groups who are vulnerable and invisible in the present system can live in dignity.

A world that does not define itself by the short-term needs of man, but that embraces the whole planet and life on earth in all its forms and diversity as its center.

A world where sustainability is a priority and care for people and the planet commits us to sharing the commons with future generations.

A world where a multiplicity of knowledge and perspectives on reality coexist, and where diversity is not seen as an obstacle, but as the underlying strength for social transformation.


A world where economics is an ethical tool that serves the ecosystem.

A world open to otherness, utopia and the creation of collective Alternatives.


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… we need processes of social transformation that question the dominant systems, paradigms and power relations and out of which will grow alternative ways of thinking and acting.

The way to social transformation is through dialogue, through joint reflection on the challenges we face, while questioning our praxis and the causes and the real consequences of the choices we make.

Transforming our world means mobilizing for action, changing ourselves from within, making ripples and ruptures in the current system, believing that palliative approaches will never bear real fruit, but instead reproduce an unjust system. Social transformation is, after all, a different way of thinking through our emancipation, which is framed by collective and shared processes.

Social transformation is neither a closed nor a linear process with a pre-ordained end. On the contrary, it goes through several stages and is enriched by diverse contributions.

Education, learning and encountering diverse modes of knowledge are all essential for the promotion of individual and collective aspirations for change, preparing us for action. In this way we realize there are alternatives, even when at first, the obstacles seem too great to overcome.

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... we challenge you to read, comment, rewrite and share this Open Letter, as a starting point for collaboration and building new worlds together with a new sense of global citizenship.

September 2018

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